DIY ~ To get rid of Black and White heads!

Black heads and white heads — those pesky little dots on your nose and chin that are too stubborn to get off! We might not realise but black or white heads do take the charm away from our faces. In this post, I try to go in detail about why do those tiny things appearContinue reading “DIY ~ To get rid of Black and White heads!”

Tips for Oily Skin In Summers ~ A Guest Post by Ms Rupali Chauhan

Oily skin is a major cause of concern for girls especially in summers. For today’s post, I let Ms Rupali Chauhan take over,to talk about oily skin. Ms Chauhan is a course director in the beauty department of JD Institute of Fashion Technology. It is best to get the expert advice from the expert herself —Continue reading “Tips for Oily Skin In Summers ~ A Guest Post by Ms Rupali Chauhan”

DIY for Brighter Underarms

There is a certain charm about wearing a stylish sleeveless dress for a party or a nice gunjee for a casual meet up with friends. I love to style up my denims with a cute sleeveless top and be ready to go within minutes. However, there happens to be a slight mess when I wear sleevelessContinue reading “DIY for Brighter Underarms”

L’oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream for 20+ Review and Swatches

Welcome back to the blog, ladies! Our skin needs nourishment according to our age. It is a pretty obvious fact that seemed to have been ignored and thankfully L’oreal seems to have realized that. L’oreal  has made it easy for us to pick the cream based on our age group! Isn’t it awesome to have a creamContinue reading “L’oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream for 20+ Review and Swatches”

DIY Strawberry Face Pack

Winter season is here and thus is the exotic strawberries season!! Strawberries are super beneficial berries for our skin! Now is the best time to eat it and smear it on our face to get that natural glow we all crave for. Strawberries also decrease the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. StrawberriesContinue reading “DIY Strawberry Face Pack”

Victoria’s Secret Sensual Blush Ultra-Moisturizing Cream Review

I’m back with another VS product review just for you girls! Today I am reviewing the Sensual Blush Ultra-Moisturising hand and body Cream.  As I have dry skin, I prefer using moisturisers or hand creams both during summers and winters and VS is one of my favourite picks.   Product Description: Indulge in Sensual Blush, a temptingContinue reading “Victoria’s Secret Sensual Blush Ultra-Moisturizing Cream Review”