Cochlear – Hear Now And Always

Imperfections – we all deal with them.  Some extra flab, pimples on skin, dark circles, too big or too small features and so on. However, there are days when one feels grateful – at least I have a healthy body, a beautiful mind and aren’t we lucky that we can understand and voice out ourContinue reading “Cochlear – Hear Now And Always”

Artistic heritage & Culture of Kutch by Shrujan Trust

Not many moons ago, Shrujan exhibition in Bangalore was held from 24th-27th Feb ’16. And I visited them on the 27th at Rain Tree hotel. To give a background of Shrujan Trust, it is a no-profit-no-loss organization that has been working for the empowerment of women for the last 46 years. My trip to the exhibitionContinue reading “Artistic heritage & Culture of Kutch by Shrujan Trust”

Spread Muskaan – A Himalaya Initiative

On a usual day when I am supposed to make my way into my daily shuttle, I took a detour to attend the launch of Muskaan – a cleft initiative by Himalaya and Smile Train India. As a person who tries to be decently informed, I “knew” what a cleft is. But like it isContinue reading “Spread Muskaan – A Himalaya Initiative”