Dance Like Everyone is Watching

Passion — Some people talk about it like it is precious as oxygen. Some call it overrated. I try to find a balance between the two. Not everyone can get up in the morning and say that they are really passionate about their day job. But most of us are lucky enough to have that oneContinue reading “Dance Like Everyone is Watching”

The Journey That Matters ..

I love the old charm of Bangalore. Whenever I see the pictures of Bangalore before it became the city that it is today, I wonder how lovely it would be to drive through her roads especially in the weather that only this city offers. I, for one, love to ride. I started riding bikes asContinue reading “The Journey That Matters ..”

BlueStone BlueBook Launch & Styling of the Peacock Collection

On a bright and lovely Sunday afternoon, fashionistas of Bangalore came together for the launch of the blue book from Blue Stone called as #BlueBookFever. Dressed in blue ourselves, it was an afternoon filled with fun, food and drinks. We took some time in knowing each and like always, I felt it was fantastic toContinue reading “BlueStone BlueBook Launch & Styling of the Peacock Collection”

Stress free way of styling your Distressed Jeans!

Any wardrobe – be it that of a teenager, a 20-something male or a 30-something female , is incomplete without atleast one pair of jeans. I have lost count of hearing people say, “I am not a stylish person, I am the ‘Jeans T-shirt’ sort of a person”. Contrary to the popular belief, wearing jeansContinue reading “Stress free way of styling your Distressed Jeans!”