Kurta Styles for the Festive Season

The festive season is here at our doorstep and it calls for a lot of shopping, dressing up, eating sweets, gifting and spreading happiness. While there are lot of fun and excitement, we also need to get started on what we will wear to the various events – ethnic day at office, the get togetherContinue reading “Kurta Styles for the Festive Season”

Go Eco Friendly featuring Giskaa

Good shoes take you to good places, is what we girls believe. Shoes are integral part of our closets and we are never satisfied with the numbers we own. Shoes change the whole look you carry, it either enhances the look or makes it a terrible one. Imagine wearing a flipflop along with a formalContinue reading “Go Eco Friendly featuring Giskaa”

Ethnic and Casual Look with Button down Kurta

I always believed that Simple enhancements to our outfit’s gives us different looks. Who wouldn’t like a new look everyday? Perhaps we could buy so many outfits. I don’t own lot of Kurtas as I wear more of western outfits, But Kurta is one of the most comfortable pieces that one can find in theirContinue reading “Ethnic and Casual Look with Button down Kurta”

Ways to make Dungaree look Sexy

I have been missing in action in personal style posts and I wish to be more regular even with hectic work schedule, but you check out my outfits on my social channels regularly. Denim Dungarees are something I had in my closet as a child and I loved wearing them. If you are a 90’sContinue reading “Ways to make Dungaree look Sexy”

Tips on Styling Shirt Dresses

When last month I was shopping online at a fashion website I found two of the most perfect long over-sized button-down shirts, and was stuck between buying it or not, then it hit me: YES buy it, it’ll make the perfect casual chic even glam dress in summer. I made a mental note right thenContinue reading “Tips on Styling Shirt Dresses”

Dungarees – For the 90’s Fashion Fans!

I’m excited to finally get this post written! A little about me, I’m a 20 something hailing from Bangalore. I’m a series addict; currently I’m obsessing over Game of thrones. Who isn’t? 😉 I’m a complete dog lover; I’ve adopted more than 3 street dogs presently. I love them to death! No literally, I hug themContinue reading “Dungarees – For the 90’s Fashion Fans!”

A Tale Of A Shirt – Why Settle?

Fickle minds — This or that. This and that. I want it all or I want nothing. I change my mind and then I change it back. If my thoughts can be pictured, they will be convoluted flowcharts that loop back to themselves. I am not confused — I am just full of options andContinue reading “A Tale Of A Shirt – Why Settle?”

How to Pose – In Western Vs Indian Wear

I have done most of my outfit shoots outdoors and trust me finding a right place and time for the photoshoot is the hardest part of fashion blogging. The reason I don’t do indoor shoots is one because A) Being outdoors gives a natural touch to the pictures and B) you need multiple resources likeContinue reading “How to Pose – In Western Vs Indian Wear”

Stripe Vibes

Being someone who dabbles and experiment with dresses is fun and challenging. Choosing an attire is not just about wearing something that might or might not look good for you. Many factors are involved and at times, it is important to weigh in everything to bring out the right dress. So while a dress mayContinue reading “Stripe Vibes”

The Rebel in a Saree featuring Triveni Ethnics

Being alive — have you ever wondered how great it is? To smile, laugh, cry, dance and to live every bit! Eckart Tolle says that we breathe to remind ourselves that life is only for this moment. The past is done and the future is unknown. I happen to take Mr Tolle very seriously. SoContinue reading “The Rebel in a Saree featuring Triveni Ethnics”