Tata HEXA Experience Center affair in Bengaluru

When Indiblogger sent me an invitation to attend #HexaExperience Center, I was eager and excited at the same time. It was an three day event at white Orchid from 23rd December to 25th. I visited the place on 24th, Saturday along with my brother, niece and nephew. As we entered the location, there was aContinue reading “Tata HEXA Experience Center affair in Bengaluru”

MoneyTap – India’s First App-Based Credit Line

Technology is reaching every aspect of life and making all the processes faster and easier. Before mobile banking apps and internet banking, one had to stand in long queues to make any kind of transactions. We can check status or even transfer money with just a single click. However when it comes to loan, itContinue reading “MoneyTap – India’s First App-Based Credit Line”

Xploree Keyboard – Discover Things at your Finger Tips

Man’s Quest for inventing new devices has made our lives easier today, we have everything at our finger tips and can reach out to the whole world with ease. Be it meetings or making a note of to-do list, most of us use our smart phones rather than notebooks. Fortunately or Unfortunately, Typing has takenContinue reading “Xploree Keyboard – Discover Things at your Finger Tips”

Gift Beautiful City by OPPO & a Giveaway!

Its a great feeling to give back to the society we live in, even if its a small contribution. Helping people who are less fortunate always makes us happy and satisfied along with it being a good deed. OPPO, an ever evolving and leading global technology brand is doing its bit for the society withContinue reading “Gift Beautiful City by OPPO & a Giveaway!”

Thought Factory – Accelerator Program by Axis Bank

On a Saturday morning, when we prefer lazing around or be in bed, few of the youngsters came together at Diamond District, Bengaluru to grab the opportunity that Axis Bank was about to launch. There are N number of ideas each one of us has got, but not everybody has the right resources and mentoringContinue reading “Thought Factory – Accelerator Program by Axis Bank”

Vaya Tyffyn – to enjoy your meal, hot and fresh!

On 19th August, a solution to dripping curries, cold meals, unhygienic containers was launched at ITC Gardenia where media, bloggers and known personalities of Bangalore came together. Vaya Tyffyn launch marks the foray of Vaya Life Pvt. Ltd., a brand that prides itself in redefining everyday products through world class design and high end engineeringContinue reading “Vaya Tyffyn – to enjoy your meal, hot and fresh!”

Launch and Post launch Event of LeEco 2 SuperPhones

On June 8th, 2016, nearly 2000 people gathered for the biggest launch of  LeEco 2 super phones and I was one of the unlucky ones who couldn’t make it to Delhi due to my office work. But I shall share a few details about this event as well as the post-launch event that I attendedContinue reading “Launch and Post launch Event of LeEco 2 SuperPhones”

Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL Specs, Price and Impression

Asus – Which is Not so new player in the market has been doing good in India from the time they were launched. In their few years of presence here they have already understood the customers to an extent that they are making phones which are customized to Indian Market. Asus sent me this blackContinue reading “Asus Zenfone Max ZC550KL Specs, Price and Impression”

Wear it through Virtual Mirror by Jealous21

As a child, The Jetsons family used to be my favorite animation series. I would love their futuristic air cars, their automatic moving floors and those quick suction lifts.  It is pretty cool to think how figments of the Jetson world is actually happening in real life. Recently, I had my own futuristic experience atContinue reading “Wear it through Virtual Mirror by Jealous21”