Weekend at Dinant – Caves and Forest

If you want to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life for a weekend, Dinant is the place to head to! I had planned to visit Dinant for exploring Kayaking options, but due to rainy weather we removed that option from our list. Nevertheless, Dinant was exactly how I imagined it to be — charmingContinue reading “Weekend at Dinant – Caves and Forest”

Amsterdam to Luxembourg for two days

If you want to go on a mini vacation or on a weekend getaway from Amsterdam, then a 2-day trip to Luxembourg is a good choice. Luxembourg is a small but beautiful country lies between Belgium, France and Germany. A little interesting fact I found out, it is the world’s only Grand-Duchy – which means a countryContinue reading “Amsterdam to Luxembourg for two days”

Adventurous things to do in the Netherlands

Most of the people around the world including me think of Amsterdam when they hear about the Netherlands. Netherlands is mostly famous for it’s beautiful canals, Windmills and Tulips. And of course, It is known for its sin city, Amsterdam. After living in the Netherlands for almost 2 years now, I have realized the countryContinue reading “Adventurous things to do in the Netherlands”

Relaxed Things to do in Warsaw

Warsaw, a city in Poland which is also commonly referred as Eastern Germany was one of the most damaged cities during World War II. Warsaw has both historical architecture as well as Modern vibes as the city is rebuilt 70 years ago. It’s fascinating how the old town was rebuilt and its colorful Baroque and Gothic-style buildings wereContinue reading “Relaxed Things to do in Warsaw”

Places to Visit In the Netherlands

Hey guys, I had been MIA here for more than 2 months; as I was working and traveling to a lot of cool places in Europe. You might have seen pictures on my Instagram and Facebook already. I was living in Amsterdam (Amstelveen which is a suburban part of Amsterdam) for 75 days and traveledContinue reading “Places to Visit In the Netherlands”

Chandigarh, Amritsar and Manali in 5 days!

India offers us with beautiful twenty-nine states and seven union territories to travel to, but sadly our busy schedules do not allow us to travel and explore; unless you are into travel industry. My job hardly lets me travel, I usually take vacations to spots which are at most 650 km from my city. ThanksContinue reading “Chandigarh, Amritsar and Manali in 5 days!”

Top 5 places to visit in Kerala – My Favorites

Greenery, Coconut trees, Tea and Coffee estates, all these things remind us of one place that is Kerala – God’s Own Country. Be it for a weekend getaway or for a long vacation, Kerala has the most beautiful locations one should definitely experience. The right time to visit Kerala is during early monsoon or inContinue reading “Top 5 places to visit in Kerala – My Favorites”