Couponsji – a coupon website in India Review

Clipping coupons from a million different places to avail some discount has become a thing of past. Today, online coupon websites give you access to hundreds of shopping coupons whenever you need a deal on some product and the best part is you don’t have to spend your entire day looking for them. Just copyContinue reading “Couponsji – a coupon website in India Review”

Playing Dress Up with Shirt Dress

Writing is not easy, and  requires some peaceful mind and time to jot down thoughts which can connect with others. I hadn’t had writer’s block all these months while blogging in this website, but it happened to me this month. And I believe it is due to my mind being constantly juggling between technical solutionsContinue reading “Playing Dress Up with Shirt Dress”

Nakedly Yours – Stay beautiful Naturally

I am always willing to try out any new range of Natural products for skin or hair. I’m gullible when there are natural products. Today I’m going to talk about this newly launched brand called NakedlyYours, whose product concoction is not only natural but also 100% vegetarian. It’s admirable when brands go cruelty free. TheContinue reading “Nakedly Yours – Stay beautiful Naturally”

TimeSaverz for your home services need

As another weekend comes, it’s time to review a new website/app which lets you #savetheday by giving all the home services in need. Timesaverz is a new start up which has service providers who would come to your doorstep for various home services ranging from cleaning, pest control, repairs, handyman jobs, laundry, and beauty services.Continue reading “TimeSaverz for your home services need”

Dress Like a Diva

The world is full of pretty things — A smiling child, a blooming flower, sunsets, a rainbow, a lovely dress. Einstein said, “There are two ways to live this life. One, like nothing, is a miracle. Another, like everything, is a miracle. In our rush to live our lives on the terms laid down toContinue reading “Dress Like a Diva”

When Parlor Comes Home – StayGlad

The one place where luxury personifies itself is a parlor. Isn’t it the general idea? Have you caught yourself saying, “I need to go to the parlor and really relax and get a Pedicure done.” If yes, then friend, welcome to the club. I for one, make a lot of plans to visit a salon/spa.Continue reading “When Parlor Comes Home – StayGlad”

Match the Dress with Voylla

Every new application on your phone changes the way you operate your daily life. It can be a navigation app, that takes you from point A to point B in an unknown city or an identification app that helps you screen unwanted calls on your phone. While those developing these apps and websites spoil youContinue reading “Match the Dress with Voylla”

Shopping Experience with stylebuys

Here is a theory I propose – Once you get pampered enough, one does not  see it as pampering. It is merely a level of comfort and we quickly move on to the next level of comfort. I was quite happy when e-commerce websites took their baby steps in my life. Soon, there were too manyContinue reading “Shopping Experience with stylebuys”

Shopping Experience at Jabong

Once upon a time, a mad shopper was the one who would spend a whole day shopping by hopping from one shop to other. Steadily and faster than we know, the internet has taken us by surprise! Now we’d rather hop from one website to other because it saves our time,travel and long billing queues. YouContinue reading “Shopping Experience at Jabong”