The importance of a Good Posture!

When we see celebrities or any other person whose personality strikes us ,we generally focus on details like what clothes are they wearing or  how good looking they are. Seldom do we talk about the fact of how are they carrying themselves. By this I mean, how comfortable do they look with themselves and most importantly how upright is their posture. Imagine Deepika Padukone or Shah Rukh Khan walking with drooped shoulders or an arched back. Will they remain their stylish selves?  I usually see a lot of people in restaurants and cafes sitting with arched backs. It is not a pleasant sight to look at. Having a correct posture is important at many levels.This is something I learnt the hard way. Your parents and teachers tell you to sit straight since school. It is not in vain. 

Having a straight back and shoulders allow you to be alert. It avoids back pain and helps you show a confidence that is definitely not visible while you slouch. Most of the times we are unaware of how bad our postures can be. Taking a look at your pictures where you are standing or sitting can give you a clear picture. I realised how bad my posture was only when I saw a few pictures of mine and I cringed. I looked weak, defeated and I looked like someone with no confidence. My room-mate also made me realize that I slouched.  After that day, I made it a point to be careful about my posture.

Imagine someone is giving a talk on stage. If they do not have good body language( hunch back, not holding the hands in right way)  you would notice that more than what they are actually speaking about. Your bad body language might side track your good content. This applies even while giving a performance on stage either singing/acting. You have to make sure you practice your body language before going on stage. Initially this will be a conscious effort, but once you get used to having straight back and walking up straight everywhere it shall become part of you. 

Regular exercising helps you maintain a good posture. I personally am a sucker for Yoga and the many Yoga postures help me to stretch my back and basically the whole of my body. One aspect of Yoga is to be aware of your body throughout the time you hold a pose. This also helps me in keeping a straight back. Standing in a correct posture is a habit that you have to built in yourself by being aware of your body almost throughout the day. A brisk walk or a simple sport also help. The idea here is not NOT laze around and to keep yourself active. Active people exhibit awesome energy levels and it shows on their body. This can also be reversed. If you express activeness from your body, you feel energetic too. It is a win-win! 

A straight back also helps you tuck that tummy in. Standing tall automatically helps you suck in your tummy and a regular practice can actually help you achieve that elusive flat stomach. This is however, not a short cut. If you have a considerable paunch, don’t expect that it will go away if you just suck it in. You can also try these simple exercises to correct your posture:

1) Shoulder Roll — Slowly roll your shoulders forward and backwards 10-15 times. If you are completely new, I suggest to take it slow and start with 5-8 counts.  You can do this while sitting at your desk.

2) Stretches — Simple back and front stretches wherever you are standing can help you pull yourself  up stand tall. Like a chest bounce, out and in.

3) Plies Exercise — Come into plie position 5-10 times a day, this will help you keep a straight back.

This might look like a huge effort in the beginning and sometimes surprisingly tiring.  But trust me , you get a hang of it very soon and before you know it, you would be sitting/standing/walking with that perfect posture without really trying for it. Body language is a huge part of a complete personality and I have covered a very minor aspect of it. The way to elegance is a lifestyle change and That elegant chic stands for an overall natural personality which is totally in your control. 

Do tell me your thoughts on how important is body language to you. 

Stay healthy, stay Beautiful 🙂

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