Stay Healthy and clean with Himalaya Pure Hands

When we live in a city full of people, dust and pollution; we need to take extra care to stay healthy. I make sure to cover my face with a shawl under my helmet while riding bike. I apply mosquito repellents while I’m out on the field for some work. I make sure I haveContinue reading “Stay Healthy and clean with Himalaya Pure Hands”

Health Benefits Of GAIA Aloe Vera

Is your poor digestion bugging your health? In today’s world of high stress and processed meals, it is very common for many people to suffer from digestion problems. Aloe Vera – one of the simple yet effective ways to welcome a healthy digestion also has numerous health benefits you can hardly imagine. Founder and Director,Continue reading “Health Benefits Of GAIA Aloe Vera”

Best street shopping places in Hyderabad

From yummy spicy chicken biryani and kababs to bangles and pearls, the city of Nizams has it all! With so many exceptional shopping markets and traditional weekly bazaars, this city is also a well-known shoppers’ destination since ages. Apart from several customer-friendly shopping malls and complexes, Hyderabad also has a number of age-old shopping streetsContinue reading “Best street shopping places in Hyderabad”

The Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day gifts can sometimes be a tough puzzle to crack, especially for the guys. For Women, I have already posted a few ideas which might give you some inspiration on selecting gift to your Man, check that here. For all those boyfriends and husbands out there who are having a hard time choosing rightContinue reading “The Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her”

The Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

February, a month filled with red roses and love as the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And you may be finding it extremely hard to choose that one perfect and most romantic Valentine’s Day gift for the most special person of your life. To make this task little easier for you, here weContinue reading “The Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him”

Tata HEXA Experience Center affair in Bengaluru

When Indiblogger sent me an invitation to attend #HexaExperience Center, I was eager and excited at the same time. It was an three day event at white Orchid from 23rd December to 25th. I visited the place on 24th, Saturday along with my brother, niece and nephew. As we entered the location, there was aContinue reading “Tata HEXA Experience Center affair in Bengaluru”

Luxury Redefined at Prestige Silver Oak Villas and Apartments!

Living a luxurious life is everybody’s dream and luxury is defined primarily by the place you live in. When a guest visits your place, they not only see the interiors of your house but also see the vicinity you live in. Area, Architecture, Design everything matters when it comes to having a luxury status inContinue reading “Luxury Redefined at Prestige Silver Oak Villas and Apartments!”

Get the right Waterproofing solution to your House

Big house, fancy cars, amazing gadgets are the usual materialistic dreams any of us have. And these are all huge investments or expenditures which one thinks a lot about before proceeding. My Dad had built a house when I was about a year old and the whole time I have lived there, we didn’t haveContinue reading “Get the right Waterproofing solution to your House”

Live the present featuring Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joy Box

I usually blog about the launch events immediately after I attend the launch, but this time I delayed it, Because I had busy schedule and I wanted to include the product usage experience as well in the post. Gone are the days, where we used to click pictures with our families and friends and waitContinue reading “Live the present featuring Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Joy Box”

HyperCity says Hy Bengaluru !

Living in a metro city, We are always on the move to achieve things we dream of or even for the regular work. With never ending traffic problems and busy work schedules, we hardly get time to do shopping at the stores, So the eCommerce is at boom right now in these cities; as everybodyContinue reading “HyperCity says Hy Bengaluru !”