Things I do to Stay in Shape!

Fitness, for some it is about being lean, for some it is about building muscles and for some it is being able to climb mountains. Whatever your perception of fitness is, unless you work towards it; you cannot achieve it! Most of my friends ask me what I do to stay in shape even withContinue reading “Things I do to Stay in Shape!”

Stretch because you can – Yoga Part 2!

In the last post, you would have read about asanas for warm up and legs. In this post, I shall be showcasing the remaining routine which are simple yet keeps you active and flexible. In yoga, You carry your own weight so you are strength training as well without actually picking up external weights. BackContinue reading “Stretch because you can – Yoga Part 2!”

Stretch because you can – Yoga Part 1!

Yoga has been popular for quite sometime now and ever since the UNO declaring 21st June as the International Yoga Day, a lot of interest has garnered around this. And we had a post earlier as well about this. Check out here. For most people yoga is synonymous with meditation and to others it simplyContinue reading “Stretch because you can – Yoga Part 1!”

Great Malnad Cycling Challenge 2015

ICycle, a leading bicycle solutions provider in association with State Bank of India opened SBI-Great Malnad Challenge 2015 at the SBI campus on 30th September and we are covering the same for you as we thought it would be helpful to people who are looking to take up cycling to maintain fitness. ICycle invites cyclingContinue reading “Great Malnad Cycling Challenge 2015”

The importance of a Good Posture!

When we see celebrities or any other person whose personality strikes us ,we generally focus on details like what clothes are they wearing or  how good looking they are. Seldom do we talk about the fact of how are they carrying themselves. By this I mean, how comfortable do they look with themselves and most importantly how upright is their posture.Continue reading “The importance of a Good Posture!”