Let it Grow – No Shave November!

Here is a question. How many of you, irrespective of  you being a guy or a girl, have looked over a man in his beard and said with utmost honesty, “Guys look really good with beards”. Thanks to the “Movember” movement, the world had an opportunity to see men in a different light. And we get to live in such a wonderful world — aren’t we lucky! But once you are done sighing and swooning over those handsome facial hair covered faces, I have some interesting facts to tell you.

Sparsh Arther – Singer

I happened to go digging around what the whole “No Shave November” or “Movember” thing is. Turns out, No Shave November is a movement to spread awareness about men’s health issues like Depression, Prostate Cancer and other forms of Cancer.  A few moons ago, ThatElegantChic was invited for a Cancer Awareness Event that was organised to sensitise people about breast cancer. It is heartening to see that the world comes together to remind each other of how precious our lives are to the ones we are close to and to us.According to Wikipedia, Movember finds it’s origin in Adelaide, Australia in 1999 and was also thought of separately in the year 2004 in Melbourne. In no time, this idea was spread throughout the world with the year 2012, witnessing a participation count of 1.1 million people who helped raise a whopping amount of $95 million. Talk about the power of goodness!

Rahul Awtani – Manager in IT
Prashanth – Student












So how is not shaving related to Cancer Awareness? The idea here is to embrace and appreciate your hair, which cancer patients lose owing to their treatment. The money that men typically spend in shaving is donated. Go on and show your support in any way possible — grow a beard and /or cultivate a mustache or just let them go wild! Grooming, of course, is not prohibited. So although you might not want to go towards your razor,  no one is asking you to part ways with a trimmer.Women, interestingly, can be an active participant too, to show support for all the men in their lives they love! Ditch that waxing appointment this month or just keep away that razor.

Karthik – Engineer

Be it thick, Be it thin, this November just let it grow! The above featured guys love their beard and embraced the same 🙂

Talking about social media buzz, here is what few tweeps wrote about No Shave November:





We are not new to fun ideas anyway! October 13th is observed as National No Bra Day to show our support for Breast cancer patients and survivors. I am sure you must have seen a lot of activity on social media on this day. Talking about social media, these days it is obviously buzzing with drool-worthy pictures of guys in their fantastic beards!

I also conducted a poll on this topic, and here is the result:


Here is a small note to all the men in our lives — Gentlemen, we love you and we need you. As our Fathers, Brothers, Best Friends, BoyFriends Or Husbands — You are our pillars of strength and although we are strong and sometimes just pretend to be strong, having you around us increases our strength. Yes, you drive us mad but here is a secret –  as long as you are healthy and happy, we are okay with being driven mad once in a while. So do us a favour and take care of yourselves. And while you are at it, grow a beard and look like a million bucks! Won’t you?

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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