Olaplex – Undo the Hair damage!

“Hair is the only accessory that you wear daily.” These words stuck in my head as they were spoken. True words generally do that to me. And these came from Jordan Alexander, the Vice president of Education at Olaplex. He, along with Rebecca Taylor was present at Bounce in Indiranagar to launch Olaplex — a hair treatment that claims to treat even the most damaged hair.


We love playing with our hair, don’t we? And why not? When we have the flexibility of coloring them, straightening them, curling them and doing whatever we can to get a refreshing change in our looks. Although, in all the fun and adventure, we tend to take our hair for granted. Many of us end up with brittle, damaged hair and as Rebecca puts it, we get into a “vicious circle.” Once our hair begins to look lifeless, we subject them to more heat, color and style to hide the damage – Vicious circle indeed!

Team Olaplex & Bounce

Jordan and Rebecca told us that Olaplex which is essentially a combination of 3 different solutions is a treatment that is free of Silicon and Sulphates. For people with colored hair, this treatment not only claims to fix the hair, it also speaks of brightening the existing color and increasing its longevity. The color is added with the Olaplex solution. It treats the hair from within which means that it helps to reconnect the disulfide sulphur bonds in the hair that tend to break when they are subjected to harsh colors and a lot of heat. And because the bonds are joined back, light reflects off the hair, making them look shinier and healthier.

So keeping the science brief, here is what I experienced with the treatment. To begin with, I do not have colored hair and nor do I subject them to a lot of artificial heat. I do, however, straighten my fringes after every wash. Even then, my hair is not the healthiest because I go out a lot and expose them to the harsh UV rays and unforgiving dust and polluted air.


I was paired up with Aurelia for my session. We are no strangers to each other as I always make sure that I get a haircut from her whenever I visit Bounce. So we chit-chatted our way to the wash area and she started the treatment after giving me a hair wash. The whole process happens around the wash area. After every step, she would let the solution sit for around 10-15 minutes. The waiting time and the volume of the 3 Olaplex solutions will vary from person to person according to the condition of their hair.


My hair was blow-dried into soft curls afterwards and I was done!! The entire thing took around 40 -45 minutes. I was promised that if I take care of my hair, (Do not subject it to a lot of artificial heat, and do not put any other harsh chemicals and bleach) this treatment will last for as long as 3-4 months on my hair. My hair actually feels soft and bouncy. I can see a shine on my hair and overall there is a whole lot of “I am loving my hair” feeling going on within me.


Oh, and do remember two things! One, this treatment is for damaged broken and dull hair (and also for that extra shine and health if your hair is otherwise fine, like mine) but it is not for hair fall. So if you are looking for something to stop hair fall, this is not exactly what you want. Also, do not go for this treatment while you are suffering from a cold – for a simple reason that your head will be wet for a considerable amount of time. The air conditioner, at least at the Indiranagar Bounce, is right above the hair wash area. So please go there only after you recover from your cold.

Keep it Stylish and Stay beautiful 🙂

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