Moroccanoil hair treatment at Bounce

Getting pampered is a luxury — one that becomes difficult to enjoy because more often than not, we run against time to get everything done. But in a perfect world, won’t it be nice to have a beautiful body massage or those crazy hair spas that leave your hair to feel like our heads are wrapped in clouds! The chaos in our lives stays outside the room while we take a sigh and sink a little bit deeper into those soft leather couches, enjoying the moment, hoping it would stay a little longer.

So recently, I was fortunate to live such a blissful moment. I was at the Bounce Salon, Indranagar to experience the Moroccanoil hair treatment. I was excited to get to know more about this service as I had heard so much about Moroccanoil and its miracle. Aravind, the salon head gave me an insight that there are a lot of copies and duplicates of this Moroccanoil in the market and one must use the right one. The hair expert at the salon inspected my hair and said it had become dry. Of course, my hair was dry thanks to the pollution and heat. She suggested me to go for hydration Spa and so I did.

I was taken for a hair wash, where my hair was shampooed and conditioned for a good 5 minutes. Then my hair was towel dried to apply the Moroccan hydration mask. She also gave a 10 min massage after applying the mask which felt fantastic. It felt very relaxing and stress-free. The mask was then kept for another 5 minutes before washing off. To the washed hair, she applied few drops of Moroccanoil and blow-dried my hair. My hair felt super soft, smooth and shiny after this hair treatment, I just couldn’t stop myself from touching the hair again and again. The softness was retained until two days after the treatment which is quite impressive. To continue keeping the shiny and silky effect, I have started using the Moroccanoil at home as well.




Benefits of Moroccan Oil:

  • A conditioning, styling and finishing tool
  • Restores elasticity, shine and revives hair
  • Reduces blow-dry and styling time
  • If you apply Moroccanoil treatment throughout the hair before hair colouring, it helps prevent damage caused by chemical treatment.

How To Use Moroccan Oil:

  • Apply a small amount on palms and work through damp or dry hair, from mid-length to ends. Blow-dry or let it dry naturally.

Moroccanoil treatment is a unique, argan oil infused formula that instantly absorbs into the hair to produce luminous shine and silky perfection in all hair types.

It was one good afternoon with relaxing hair spa which left me with silky and soft hair. Do try this out and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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