Ways to get rid of dark circles under eyes

There was a time in my life when I loathed waking up in the morning because I knew I would have to look in the mirror and see those dark circles under eyes staring back at me. So naturally when I got to know about these simple home remedies that can help you cure this, my joy knew no bounds! If you too are someone constantly tortured and tormented by your dark circles this post will definitely help you. Also, if you are someone who is lazy like me these are too simple for your own good trust me, I got your back!

Here are some quirky hacks for getting rid of dark circles…

DIY 1:

My super awesome, super-fast to make a solution. It’s got 2 ingredients and not measuring needed! We are always told the benefits of coconut oil, but another oil that is as beneficial is almond oil. Like coconut oil. This too has great properties. Almond oil is loaded with essential vitamins especially Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps keep the skin hydrated. It works wonders for people with dry and itchy skin!

Application method:
1. Mix equal quantities of coconut oil and almond oil.
2. Take a cotton ball, dip it in the oil and apply it under those eyes before bed every night.

Do this and get amazing results in just 2 weeks. I often feel that for any kind of issues it’s always good to make your own products, even for beauty. Apart from the fact that you will know exactly what goes into it, more often than not they are super simple to make.


DIY 2:

As we know the term baking Soda is not new to us, we use it in cooking, cleaning and now as a beauty product. This method is very popular among women to get rid of those dark circles and them baggy under eyes!

Preparation method:
1. Add a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of hot water or tea and mix well.
2. Soak two cotton pads in the solution and place them under the eyes.
3. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse well.
4. End this with applying some moisturizer under the eyes.


Do this and see amazing results in just 2 weeks! How cool is that? To add on to my DIY’s I have also added some more remedies you can try at home.

These top three home remedies for dark circles are tried all over the world.

1. Cucumber juice: apply cucumber juice for 10-15 minutes and then wash off your eyes with plain water. This will help reducing eye stress which is one of the main reasons for dark circles.

2. Cool tea Bags: Cooled tea bags help a lot in revitalizing the area under your eyes. Preferably green tea bags.

3. Potato juice: Applying a mixture of potato juice with cucumber juice helps reduce the puffy eyes as well as dark circles.

One of the most annoying beauty issues is the ever-frustrating matter of dark eye circles. We know that some of the root causes of this issue is—dehydration, stress, or lack of sleep, therefore it becomes necessary to take care of your health. So ladies don’t forget to drink lots of water and do catch up on that beauty sleepy, there’s a reason it’s called that 😉

Hope you liked this post and think it’s useful. If you do, make sure to share it with your friends who have this problem as well.

Until next time, Keep it stylish and Stay Beautiful 🙂

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