Philips Innovation Experience 2016

Philips as a brand and company has been a part of our lives since quite a long time. As a child, I remember buying my first Philips Walkman and listening to it for so long that I drained its battery in a single day. The Walkman is probably somewhere in the corner of my childhood room, lying with other things I do not use anymore because I grew up. Philips grew up too. It has come a long way since then with products that are innovative and are embedded in every day of our lives. Philips is also an important player in the current government’s vision of Make in India. Preethi is  a Philips’ brand and is completely manufactured in India.


Philips has their own “Innovation Centre” and recently, launched their health and wellness products in the 2016 version of their Innovation Experience. The key products  in this event were the Air Purifier series 3000 and 6000, for improving indoor air quality in a home environment, Children’s respiration monitor, for diagnosing pneumonia in children, fetal heart rate monitor and dream series which are sleeping aids for sleep apnea patients.

Amongst the products launched, what piqued my attention was the air purifier which I thought was pretty practical and useful. The dust and pollution outside that we try our best to avoid snakes it way inside our homes which is why some of us end up waking  up with continuous bouts of sneezing or falling sick without even knowing why. The Philips air purifier claims to have special allergen mode that is extremely effective in removing most common allergies. Now wouldn’t that be a relief! The NanoProtectTM S3 filters remove 99.97% airborne allergens and offer protection from bacteria and viruses around us.

While it was interesting to know about these innovations, it was actually more engaging to see the products that affect me in my daily life. So I moved to the lovely hair care range by Philips which incidentally are both in my possession. A hair straightener and hair dryer are my go-to products, especially during bad hair days.  Also on display was the equivalent range of products for men.



Another interesting product was the air-fryer. It is one of those products that you really have to experience before you can recommend it to everyone around you. Samosas without oil? Seriously? I knew dreams come true! Jokes apart, the air Fryer is a product which is a huge boon to health freak foodies, a term that is a dangerous oxymoron. If you gulp down your love for fried food with a silent drop of tear, this product is definitely for you.


While in the event, I met Bhayva who introduced me to Philips Beauty Guide,  an app which is specially made for Indian Women. It gives you an idea of what hairstyle you can have, how it will look on you and also how you can achieve it. So you know where to look for when you run out of hair styling ideas! It also makes for that fun app which gives you a different virtual look and is an activity to do with friends.

The Philips Innovation Experience was a great way of knowing about the latest in technology and how innovation actually touches our lives in more ways than we can realize. TEC will keep bringing you with such wonderful events and who knows, you can get inspiration for your next innovation right here!

Till then … Be Beautiful and Stay Stylish 🙂


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