When Parlor Comes Home – StayGlad

The one place where luxury personifies itself is a parlor. Isn’t it the general idea? Have you caught yourself saying, “I need to go to the parlor and really relax and get a Pedicure done.” If yes, then friend, welcome to the club. I for one, make a lot of plans to visit a salon/spa. They are a top priority on my weekend to-do list. Unfortunately, my plans stay on papers. But, We live in a world where we unapologetically want everything. We want the success, We want to work for it too. We also want luxury. We want the sun on our face and the carpet beneath our feet. And that’s why some nice people brought their heads together and thought of StayGlad. StayGlad is a website and app through which you can avail all beauty services at your doorstep during the time of your choice.

While booking the services, I was not free from doubts. There were questions in my head which I will term as pretty valid questions. Will she make a mess of my house? What if she forgets something and asks me for it? Will I get pampered like I get in a salon? Will she be on time? Because if time was not an issue, I would never need these services. Speaking of services, I had opted for a facial, waxing and a manicure. the beauticians called me half an hour before she was to reach my place. Thankfully they were well equipped and all I had to do was take a long relaxing sigh and dive into my bed for some crazy pampering.

There were two beauticians who came in. They began with enquiring about my skin type and asking me to fill a form. I really appreciated this extra step of getting to know more about the client which I believe will help them to tailor experiences for us.  The facial routine started and being in my own bed, I was damn comfortable. My playlist was on and after we were done with waxing, the session came to an end with some cute nail colors on my finger nails. The beauticians had an extremely friendly demeanor and knew what they were doing.








Such services helps me manage my time really well as I need not visit and wait in the parlor for longer time. And on some special occasions like engagement, wedding or a festival its always wonderful to call the beautician home to pamper you just before the Event. They also have make up and grooming services.

At the end of the service, I also got a cute little mystery box from them which had chocolate in it 😀

Do try out their service and let us know how was your experience. We shall keep posting about new and useful websites so don’t forget to come back here.

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)

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