Relaxed Things to do in Warsaw

Warsaw, a city in Poland which is also commonly referred as Eastern Germany was one of the most damaged cities during World War II. Warsaw has both historical architecture as well as Modern vibes as the city is rebuilt 70 years ago. It’s fascinating how the old town was rebuilt and its colorful Baroque and Gothic-style buildings were recreated using old blueprints and photographs for accuracy. The city is filled with museums that capture the city’s clamorous past, as well as unique neighborhoods each with their own distinct personality.

Warsaw is a haven for culture and history. But that’s not all, the city is also brimming with amazing food and the chance to take advantage of a vibrant nightlife and bar scenes. I had a chance to visit Warsaw recently, and here are a few things that I think you should do when you are in Warsaw the next time!

Relaxed Things to do in Warsaw:

  1. Visit the Old Town
    Warsaw’s Old Town is a fascinating place to explore on foot. We actually explored it doing a city quiz in few groups. It was quite cool to learn about the places based on the hints given, Like I did not know the chemist Marie Curie was a Polish women married to French Man. It has vibrant squares, welcoming cafés and a palpable sense of history – despite the fact that it was completely rebuilt after world war II. There will some street music and events during summer which adds on to the beauty of the city.
    You can learn more about the city on a free walking tour as well.
  2. Take a Stroll in the beautiful parks of Warsaw
    During Summer, it is pretty amazing to walk in the parks , have a couple of beers, embrace the beauty of nature. You can visit either Lazienki and  Ujazdow parks or both of them. The park has a pristine lake, various stately residences, the Palace on the Water. We even spotted a Peacock dancing around!
  3. Visit Praga District
    We took a walking tour while tasting some authentic polish food at the Praga district. You will be able to see the multicultural and alternative district of Warsaw, full of surprises and some untouched buildings during the World War II. The streets look a bit scary but the street art and street trade looks really cool. We did taste the dumplings and had their authentic vodka shots, orange and chocolate flavored(I can’t really remember the name of it).
  4. Chill by the Wisła (Vistula) riverside
    There are a lot of restaurants by the river with a beautiful view. There are a couple of bridges and you get to see trains pass by and the vibe of this place is pretty cool. You can have some drinks and sit there for hours on a sunny evening. We went to this place two times as it is really a nice place to hangout. There is a artificial beach as well on the other side of the river where you would see a lot of people soaking the sun.
  5. Palace of Culture and Science
    This is a huge monument in Warsaw city. It was a ‘gift’ from Stalin back in the Communist era and has divided opinion among the city’s residents. Love it or hate it, the building is pretty hard to miss. You can buy ticket and go on the 30th floor to have a beautiful view, we unfortunately missed this one.

Food and Bars:




  • If you are planning to go dancing then Hocki klocki is a good option. We had some good time at that bar and also the club Promost 511 has great music and crowd! These two are by the riverside as well.
  • Try out the famous cold soups, we had the cucumber soup during lunch and beetroot soup during dinner. Restaurant I definitely suggest for you to visit Na Lato and Dekant wine bar and Restaurant. And a place you should definitely skip is Weranda Bistro as I hated the food and the stringent smell there.

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