Adventurous things to do in the Netherlands

Most of the people around the world including me think of Amsterdam when they hear about the Netherlands. Netherlands is mostly famous for it’s beautiful canals, Windmills and Tulips. And of course, It is known for its sin city, Amsterdam. After living in the Netherlands for almost 2 years now, I have realized the country has so much more to offer than what rest of us know it is for. I have written an article before about the cities you can visit while travelling to the Netherlands other than just Amsterdam, you can read it here. Today I shall talk about the adventurous things to do in the Netherlands.

  • Sky Diving: Whether you want to learn how to skydive, want to do a Tandem jump; Paracentrum Texel is the place to be in The Netherlands. If it’s your first time, Tandem Jump is one of the best options. After receiving a short instruction about the experience you’ll be securely attached to an instructor. You can relax and let the instructor do all the work as you enjoy the exhilarating experience and breathtaking views. It is located at the Texel Island, so you get to look down at the beautiful blue sea and some green land when you jump.
    I had a rush of adrenaline when I experienced this and it was an intangible experience. I did a tandem jump from 9000 feet with a photo and video option. It costs 310 euro -314 euro depending on which day of the week you book the appointment. To reach to this Island, you have to go to Den Helder and then take a ferry from there. When you book for this experience, do not forget to check for the shuttle service from the ferry to the Paracentrum as the public transport is not very feasible.




  • Efteling Theme Park: The Efteling Theme Park is located in the south of the Netherlands, 100 km from Amsterdam. The place is easily reachable via public transport. You can take the train to Tilburg and take the bus to the Efteling. This theme park is for everyone, as kids will like the fairy tale land and adults would love the rides. In addition to the theme park, it has opened up a hotel, theater, golf court and holiday villages to accommodate thousands of visitors per day. The Efteling amusement park is open year round, 365 days a year. Normally from 10 am till 6 pm, in summers to 8 pm and on specific days even till midnight. Normal entrance fee is €37,50 for a full day.
    What I liked most about Efteling compared to any other amusement park is it offers a unique concept of fairy-tale based stories and rides. The theme park is located in a forest like area, where green space and trees are just as important as the amusement. Other than the rides, and fairy land, I also enjoyed the water show at the end of the day which even had fireworks!







Abseiling Euromast: Euromast is located in Rotterdam, one of my favorite cities in the Netherlands. One of the many attractions in this city is Euromast. You can go on to the top to have a really nice view of the whole city and beyond. Though I have only known this tower for its culinary and amazing view, it has something to offer for adventurous heart in you. Thanks to my friend Ellen, I got to know about Abseiling, Abseiling is descending on a rope in a vertical line. Feel your heart race as you jump over the edge and abseil down the highest tower of the Netherlands. It costs 57,50 euro per person and includes the entry ticket for EuroMast which costs 10.5 Euro otherwise.



I’m going to explore more, try out new things and definitely share it with you all. So don’t forget to come back in here or on my Instagram!

Have you done any adventurous activities in the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments below!

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