PicPal App Review!

Being a fashion blogger, I love clicking pictures of myself. If you follow me on Instagram, you should have seen a million of them by now. Be it in front of the mirror or in the front camera, I love it all as I always look for the perfect moment to capture my best self. And it’s not just me. Almost everyone I know have been bitten by the selfie bug. It is only natural that many innovations today focus on the best selfie taking capacity. We have the selfie stick that is quite hot in the market, we have phones that focus mainly on clarity and megabytes of a camera and then there are ample of apps available to edit the pictures too.

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When I was introduced to the Picpal app, I believed it to be such an app that will click and edit pictures. But I was wrong. I couldn’t think of what new features can be in it. So I right away installed it on my phone. You too can have a look and download it from www.getpicpal.com/dl

The PicPal app does not occupy a lot of space in your phone. I personally found its performance to be pretty fast. Also, it does not hang during usage. Its User Interface is pretty neat and lively. I also found PicPal quite user friendly with the instructions to help one navigate through the application.


Now what is so special about this app? If you have PicPal on your phone, you and your friends can all take a selfie together, irrespective of the geographical boundaries between all of you! Here is my experience using it. I asked my friend to download the app. As soon as he did, I received a notification informing me that my contact has joined Picpal. I immediately sent him a friend request and we were friends!! It’s that simple.

When I wanted to make a selfie collage, all I had to do was click on Start, select the friend I wanted to take a selfie with and click a Picture of mine. Once I did that, my friend got a request to click his picture. After he was done, we had a selfie together even when we were miles apart. I found this app innovative and fun.


Picpal as an app can be used when your friends are abroad or in other cities. You can still have your pictures together. Besides the reason I spoke of in the beginning, another reason that I love taking photographs is also that it allows me to capture moments and make them onto memories.  Imagine this — you are at a party and one of your friend is at home not keeping too well. To cheer her up you can use the app to include her in your party selfie!

It also has familiar features as the snapchat app where you can write a text on your picture about what you’re up to! Instagram allows you to share instant images with the world, but with Picpal content sharing has gone to the next level where in you create your images along with friends and share it on social media. You need not waste time making a collage to post on social media. Picpal does it for you!

Over all, I loved the app and enjoyed clicking real time selfies with my friend. I wish they add filters to edit pics before we could upload them!

TEC Verdict: 4.5/5

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful! 🙂

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