Bangalore Fashion Week Day 4 – Finale!

They say all good things come to an end. The Bangalore Fashion week — my most favorite fashion event had to come to a closure after four days of gala and glamour. However, it was made sure that the last day creates the loudest bang. So while the BFW was gearing up for a spiced up good-bye, I, on my part, made sure that I have a stylish presence of my own too!  I was dressed in Culottes and a red lace crop top. I also went to the Biguine India booth and got my hair done. The line-up was obviously amazing and though I missed a few shows, I have with me, the beautiful details of what I witnessed with my own eyes. Go ahead and be a part of it!

The day 4 of DF Silverline Bangalore Fashion Week 13th edition powered by Snapdeal showcased another set of the most diverse role of designers from every corner of the country. The day started with DREAM ZONE fashion school collections celebrating the people and places that inspired the budding designers.


Govind Kr. Singh showcased a collection that reflected the designer’s deep insights into the powers that govern the human body. The various experimental textures, silhouettes, colors, and patterns that emerged through the insights are all a conscious effort by the designer to bring out this concept tangibly. The materials are hence a reuse of the industrial waste, recycled materials and other organic elements. The collection also follows the same pattern where all the emotions and colors merge and finally result into an elaborate white garment that represents the ultimate stage of enlightenment. The beautiful Angana Roy walked the ramp for this talented designer.

Nisha Natarajan grazed her collection of Indian Festive Wear called “Mayura” which aimed at bringing fashion with a resolution. Nisha Natrajan a strong believer of “sustainable fashion”, included the roots and origin of the fabrics used, retaining the human element behind the making of the entire collection. Throughthis collection, the designer had created awareness about these fabrics and the imbalance between the maker and the end user of these ensembles in today’s world of fast-fashion.

Nabha Natesh – ShowStopper

Amita Gupta themed her collection “Gothic LoveWith Cathedral”. This collection was inspired by Gothic Geometric architecture used in Cathedrals and is all about Western and Indian drapes in Sarees and Gowns, embellished with Swarovski, Japanese Beads and metal. The whole collection was about drama, Grandeur and beauty wrapped in geometric patterns and embellishment.

I really loved the colors used and the Silhouettes. I personally would love to wear them for wedding or when being a bridesmaid.






PS_DSC_0663 copy


Green Paradize by Chintal Patel and Maneka was inspired by the Indian Traditional Lehenga Choli and the western gowns brought on bordering the new look to the Indian Lehenga choli by using floral print fabric, tulle lace and satin-georgette. The collection also takes inspiration from Indian traditional and western gown with an innovative inspired design for ethnic fusion.









Snapdeal was definitely not a silent supporter/sponsor for this fashion week. I have never seen anyone putting their skin in the game like Snapdeal did. My interaction with Snapdeal began with me giving an interview about my taste and judgment of style and fashion. I will put up that video as soon as I get it. After this event, I have a totally changed image of Snapdeal in my head.

Selfie on the Ramp!

The fashion show by SnapDeal had a lot of freshness to it. They dared to break the norms of a traditional ramp walk. The models seemed to be enjoying their time too — there were bicycles, benches and a lot of energy on the ramp. The people sitting in the audience got an opportunity to interact with the models and click a selfie. Everyone, of course, jumped into the selfie bandwagon and I, not the one to remain left behind, grabbed this chance with equal vigor.







Finally, The Bangalore Fashion Week’s Grand Finale by Rina Dhaka concluded the 13th edition of city’s premiere fashion event. It was an incredible evening as the audience witnessed a remarkable show by the ace designer as she presented a quintessentially modern yet uniquely original collection. Rina Dhaka’s collection is inspired from Ferns and Petals and mesmerised the audience, through a visual spectacle, propelled by freshness, youth and beauty of flowers. Collection embellished with Swarovski crystals was one of the key highlights as it set the stage for glamour and added a vibrant palette to the styles by offering sparkle to the floral motifs.








With this, Ladies and Gentlemen, our journey of the Bangalore Fashion Week comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed each and every minute, voiced our opinion on every piece of displayed art and probably, got inspired.  I, however, would be glad beyond measures if you would choose to tell me your exact feelings. I’ll be waiting!

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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2 thoughts on “Bangalore Fashion Week Day 4 – Finale!

  1. The fashion picture define “Real felling of fashion” show, I feel here that moment of fashion show which held in Bangalore. Its really great moments but still from here we feel the fashion show.


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