Stress free way of styling your Distressed Jeans!

Any wardrobe – be it that of a teenager, a 20-something male or a 30-something female , is incomplete without atleast one pair of jeans. I have lost count of hearing people say, “I am not a stylish person, I am the ‘Jeans T-shirt’ sort of a person”. Contrary to the popular belief, wearing jeans does not have to be about only a pair of jeans and casually throwing in a simple T-shirt or Top over it. There can be many more ways of styling your jeans. So put your plain Jeans and T-shirt days behind you because today I am going to give you a few ideas on how you can spice up your pair of distressed jeans.

Denim on Denim

This is a careful path to tread on. Denim on denim can look absolutely stylish if done carefully or it can make you the “center of attraction” in an uncool way. Don’t believe me? Google “Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears denim” and you will know what I am talking about. Saw that?

Here I am wearing an icy cool blue crop top over my distressed jeans. I am keeping it simple here and yet it is way different than your run of the mill combination of Jeans and T-shirt. Distressed jeans are really in these days and you can decide on how “distressed” you want your jeans to be. The jeans that I am wearing are waist high and were folded till the ankles which gives it a nice rugged look. In some pictures, I have folded them even more.



My usual big dial watch is accompanying me here and if you want to give it a feminine touch, you can stack up a few silver chain bracelets. Also, I am currently in love with these shoes and I find them absolutely comfortable and stylish – my favorite type! Again for a more feminine look, you can opt for gladiators instead of canvas shoes.




Layering Up:

Here is another style that seldom goes wrong. All you have to figure out is what goes well with what.The jeans here are the same and I am wearing them with a DIY crop top and a plaid shirt. You may also try wearing another denim shirt over it and trust me it will look fab. However, if it is not a denim shirt, avoid a plain shirt and go for something with checks or prints because the crop top is already plain.

Elaborating more on the DIY part of the crop top, all I did was to cut a plain top at home and voila! I had a new outfit! Maybe I will write more about this in the coming posts.  In the meanwhile, I have written a lot about styling a crop top with culottes here.

My accessories have not really changed. My big dial watch is still with me like a best friend and so are my cute white shoes. I am wearing Ray Ban glares and I think they look really cool with the whole outfit.





So folks, this was my take on twisting a very usual T-shirt-Jeans outfit. I am sure there are many more such ways. Why don’t you tell me how do you spice up your T-Shirt Jeans combo and maybe we can feature you right here!

Keep it Stylish, Stay Beautiful!

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