The 10 Commandments for Well Being!

Beauty, of course, lies in the eyes of the beholder. We live in a world that never ceases to surprise us with its stark contrasts and beguile similarities. I might feel uncomfortable with Kajal outlined eyes while my best friend would rather cover her face behind a veil than go without at least a thin black line around her eyes. Some prefer the classic red lips while others settle down on a natural pink shade on their lips. Whatever it is that you prefer, at the end of the day, it all works out, if that makes you feel fantastic about yourself! But we all walk on the same ground. There are a few things that work on all of us and some of them almost become a holy grail for an improved and healthier version of ourselves.  So today, TEC brings you the Ten Commandments from the world of well being!

1) Thou shalt drink a lot of water — Water is THE miracle drink. Drink as much as you can but drink it slowly. Take a few gulps every now and then, if you belong to “I cannot keep a count of how much water I drink” category. Do you want a healthy skin? Do you want shiny hair? Do you want an overall healthy body? I am sure that you said yes to all the above questions. So chuck the excuses and pick up your water bottle!


2) Thou shalt add fibers in thy food — While we enjoy our yumilicious biryanis and the works, make sure to involve at least a tiny bit of raw vegetables. Your run on the mill cucumbers and tomatoes are great too! They provide you with the required dietary fiber and allow your teeth to do some healthy grinding. You can also include some healthy drinks and salads, here and here are the recipes.

Healthy and Tasty Smoothies1

3) Thou shalt cover thy head with a scarf while out on the roads — When you cover your head, you protect your hair from dust, pollution, UV rays and the violent wind in case you are driving or riding pillion on a two-wheeler. After you remove your scarf and feel your fresh and untangled hair, that’s your hair saying Thank You for protecting them!

4) Thou shalt move for at least half an hour — Walk, jog, play, or dance around. Just for half an hour. Not a lot, is it? I know how much fun it is to be a couch potato! But let’s just leave that couch for only half an hour every day — it’s not going anywhere, your health is.

5) Thou shalt wash thy face every night — Even while you sit around in an air conditioned office for more than half of your day, your skin keeps getting devoid of moisture. Also, you touch different surfaces and then you touch your face. It is bound to collect dirt from everywhere. It is only fitting and natural that after a long and tiring day, you wash your face every night and use your favorite moisturizer. I also suggest that you apply serums or oils during night, here is a skin rejuvinating oil I’m currently using.


6) Thou shalt always wear a sunscreen — Once again an advice that’s overtly given and yet not thoroughly practiced. A sunscreen is not only to avoid a case of sun tan but also to protect the exposed skin from the harmful UV rays.  It is an absolutely essential product for the skin and make sure you have a full bottle in your kitty at all times

7) Thou shalt avoid chapped lips at all cost — When you are out in the cold for too long, your lips tend to crack. Dehydration is also an indication of chapped lips.  As Syrio Forell would put it, “what do we say to chapped lips? Not today!”. I have also noticed that many girls wear a lipstick that tends to dry their lips. Chapsticks are the easiest to carry around and if you do not have one handy, drink some 2-3 glasses of water! And whatever you do, do not try to soften your dry lips with saliva. Not only does it not work, it takes away the leftover moisture too!

Swatch of Lakme Lip Love Cherry Shade
Swatch of Lakme Lip Love Cherry Shade

8) Thou shalt re-use thy wardrobe creatively — All girls shop like there is no tomorrow. But we still suffer the problems of never having enough clothes. And you know what? All we need to do is look a bit more closely. We have already showcased a lot of articles where you can use a same piece of outfit in different ways. The first video on our channel was also on the same lines. All we have to do is put on a tiny bit of creativity and if not a new wardrobe, a “new-looking” wardrobe is right in our reach!


9)Thou shalt always greet everyone with a Smile — Smile lifts up ones mood and gives positive vibe to take charge of the day. Even if you are not at your best self, try smiling at people around and you will see how much positivity it reflects back at you.


10) Thou shalt always love thyself! — To accept oneself is way more important than being accepted by others. And once you do that, you will have people swooning all over you. The world loves a confident human being and there is no alternative to that. So if you follow no other commandment, that’s fine. But always remember to love yourself!

We hope you follow all these Commandments to stay healthy and beautiful! 🙂

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