Amsterdam to Luxembourg for two days

If you want to go on a mini vacation or on a weekend getaway from Amsterdam, then a 2-day trip to Luxembourg is a good choice. Luxembourg is a small but beautiful country lies between Belgium, France and Germany. A little interesting fact I found out, it is the world’s only Grand-Duchy – which means a country that is ruled by a Duke or Duchess.

So, for a while now, I have wanted to visit Luxembourg by a road trip but plans didn’t work out. As there was a long weekend in May and I had made no plans with friends, I decided to visit this long pending destination on my list. Travelling within Europe is easy and budget friendly if planned in advance. Since I had not made any bookings, I decided to travel by Bus and save some bucks.

How To Get to Luxembourg from Amsterdam:

  • By Train – There are no direct trains from AMS to LUX, but you can either take Thalys or NS international with 1 change in Brussels. Travel time is around 5.5 to 6.5 hours
  • By Flight – There are direct flights which takes you in an hour, but without prior planning this can be expensive
  • By Bus – You can opt for Flixbus which is non stop and takes around 6 hours of journey

I opted for a mix of train and bus option as I had a travel card in the Netherlands. I traveled to Maastrict by NS train and from their I took a FlixBus.

Things to Do in Luxembourg City:

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral:
    While the Cathedral has Gothic influences, most of its adornments inside are from the Renaissance Period. The bells of the Cathedral has a song like music you should listen to.IMG_20190531_121258 IMG_20190531_121742__01
  2. Take a Stroll on Adolphe Bridge and Gelle Fra:
    The double-decked arch bridge is one of the iconic landmarks of Luxembourg. You get a spectacular view on the both sides of the bridge. Though there is traffic on the road, there is also a underground route for pedestrians which is beautiful to walk into.
    Gelle Fra in Luxembourgish which means the golden lady is the monument of Remembrance. The Tall pillar with the golden lady on top looks beautiful against the blue skies(If it’s not cloudy)
  3. Chemin de la Corniche:
    Just a short walk from the city centre, Le Chemin de la Corniche is present offering incredible views over the valley and the river beneath you. Le Chemin de la Corniche is mostly referred to as being “Europe’s most beautiful balcony”.  It is definitely the place to head to in order to get a postcard-perfect photograph of your time in Luxembourg city. After this stop on your Luxembourg itinerary, You can head down to the Grund region.
  4. Visit the Grund Region:
    Luxembourg City is steeped on different levels, with the UNESCO World Heritage area of the old-city located across the main fortress. The city itself is relatively small in size, with around 100,000 people living here. Also, the city seems snuggled within the most beautiful countryside and parks, making it a green ciry with lot of history.
    The Grund, as name suggests is the oldest part of Luxembourg. It is situated in a steep valley on the banks of the Alzette River. There are no banks, no new fashioned buildings and (almost) no traffic.The best way to enter the area is the “Corniche” road, set up by the Spanish in the 17th century as a defense wall, which offers an amazing view over the Alzette valley. For those of you who cannot do a lot of walking, the Grund can also be accessed by an elevator which is open all 7 days of the week. You can stroll down the narrow streets, check out the variety of local stores or pubs.
    You can easily spend half a day in visiting the Grund region of Luxembourg city.

  5. Fort Thungen:
    This is a beautiful fort located near the modern art museum,MUDAM. It is worth having a look if you have an hour or two to spare. Lots of history and there is a beautiful view from the walking path into the old city. The fort itself is very impressive. The monument itself houses a museum for self about defense and military arts.
    IMG_20190530_193000 IMG_20190530_191958
  6. Hamilius:
    If you want to shop some good french style fashion or eat icecream, visit Hamilius and walk through the busy street of Luxembourg city. It is the place where shopping and leisure become a truly exceptional moment. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a wedding (like we did). Wish we could have been pat of their big day, as they looked so happy!


Restaurant Suggestions:

The two good food places I visited are O’tacos(location) which has good french type tacos and Frida Cantina Mexicana(location) has good Mexican food. In general, in Luxembourg you get tasty food is what my friend swears by!

PS: Wear a comfortable shoes as there is lot of walking if you plan to go to the Grund region.

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2 thoughts on “Amsterdam to Luxembourg for two days

  1. Wow that’s amazing look of Cathedral in Luxembourg City and Adolphe Bridge is wonderful sight. I loved this blog very much and thank you so much for traveling guide to Luxembourg city.


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