Shopping Experience with stylebuys

Here is a theory I propose – Once you get pampered enough, one does not  see it as pampering. It is merely a level of comfort and we quickly move on to the next level of comfort. I was quite happy when e-commerce websites took their baby steps in my life. Soon, there were too many websites in the web world and as a consumer, I am not complaining. But having been pampered enough, I sometimes look for the next step of comfort. When I want the best of all the worlds – a website like stylebuys helps. They collect all the best products from every popular shopping website and help a shopper like me to make an informed choice. Here is a roundup of TEC’s experience of shopping with Stylebuys.



The website has a pretty easy navigation and the filters are exhaustive. I could search through a store I like, example Koovs or  Jabong or I could search for the item I wanted.  I also had the liberty to compare prices of a same product featured on different websites.

I wanted to buy Culottes, and when I searched for them, I was presented with a range of choice from all the leading websites. It was then quite easy for me to choose according to what I desired in terms of design and at a price that I was comfortable with. I also ended up buying a maxi dress from Koovs and a sweatshirt from Jabong. When I clicked on an item to make a transaction, I was taken to the original website. Payment, shipping, packing and one’s overall shopping experience are according to the parent website. Also the delivery time was, according to the websites that we shop from. So I could pick items from a shopping site that I trusted.


There were, however, a few minor glitches while surfing Stylebuys.  For a pair of extremely pretty blocked heel shoes from Limeroad, the increased price was not updated, leaving me disappointed and looking for something else under budget. Also, now that Myntra completely operates from a mobile app, Stylebuys still features their collection. However, one cannot buy anything from Myntra via Stylebuys.


Having said that, my shopping experience from this site was smooth as I picked up apparel of my choice from different e-commerce sites — all under one domain!
We shall be reviewing many other shopping sites which we come across so you can decide if you want to choose that site for your shopping haul!

Let us know if you have shopped from this site and what was your experience!

Keep it Stylish! Stay Beautiful :)
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